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Tonight the Streets Are Ours by Leila Sales | Queso’s (Spoiler-Free) Book Review 📖

In honor of summer break being just around the corner (or for some, lucky you, it’s already here) I’ll be posting some reviews of book that I have read that you might want to read when you’re relaxing during break!

REVIEW: Based on the back cover summary, Tonight the Streets Are Ours by Leila Sales appears to be no more than the typical ‘shy-girl-meets-cool-guy-and-her-life-changes-forever’ love story.

Do not let it fool you.

The “love story” this book promises is comically self-aware of its YA (young adult) novel cliches, while maintaining a believable situation for the characters to face. The main character, Arden, deals with real world events of living under a single parent and finding independence from her peers. While there is a romance aspect in Arden’s story, the book takes its time to focus on family relationships and friendships even more.

The lead is strengthened by her supporting characters, something that parallels our own lives, yet is majorly underrepresented in most modern coming-of-age novels. With that said, if you enjoy John Green for his strong focus on the two main characters, you may not enjoy this book as a romance. However, Tonight was a refreshing break from the usual character dynamics portrayed in most mainstream YA books.

Overall, this book takes the “norms” of YA novels and spins it into a more convincing adventure with a very pleasing ending.

April 2017 Favorites

Yay! Second favorites post! April flew by so quickly, by the time I get to May favorites, I’m already graduating (oh boy). Without further ado, here’s my favorite things for the month of April!

Dead Mall Series by Dan Bell
Jenn Goes To Indonesia (clothesncounters)

TED Talks:
Caroline Paul
Laurence Lewars

Giant Blindfolded Slime Challenge (andreaxandrea)
how to make a zine (Jordan Clark)

Bridgit Mendler- Atlantis
Dodie Clark – Intertwined
Bruno Mars- That’s What I Like
Paramore- Hard Times

Your Lie in April (anime, also I just realized the title and the month and lol)
Andi Mack (Disney)

April consisted of studying for AP exams and some DIY projects in between *shrugs* I need sleep

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Halfway through AP Exams! Also, congrats to the college people who finished their finals and the ones that are graduating! Looking forward to the great things you’ll do!!!

What’s your favorite scary story or local urban legend?

One of my favorites comes from my family in Orlando, Florida. There’s a house on the corner near their church that was psychically investigated and the lady said there was somebody under the stairs.

It’s a one story house.

What I Actually Want to Do

I recently watched a TED Talk (link: Questions Every Teenager Needs to be Asked) where the speaker had asked his peers questions about what their plans for the future were and all of that deep self-reflecting stuff us teens absolutely cringe at the thought of. It got me thinking, what do I want to do in 10-15 years? Don’t worry, I still plan on building and improving schools throughout the world (insert self-promo here lol: I want to build schools) but in my childlike wonder, I wish to travel the world in a different way as well.

That’s right, my dream is to be on the Travel Channel.

I’ve lived in the same city my entire life and have only been outside the country to go to Canada. And yet, I’ve been graced with the privilege to meet people from all over the world during my summer volunteer work. I grew up watching people explore places outside of my familiar surroundings and it’s just so COOL.

During my scholarship seminars, I met students that wanted to travel to help bring peace and prosperity to other countries, which isn’t bad at all. ((If anything, I hope to do that with my schools.)) But I also just want to want tohatoravel travel for the history. Go to every tourist sport and back alley and local hot spots and urban exploration treasures. All while documenting my experiences to impart the things I learn to the kids like me that can only go so far physically.

There’s so much of the world to see and I intend to see as much as I can and share it with as many as I can.

In the comments below, tell me: What’s something amazing about where you live?

See you guys later!

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I haven’t watched 13 reasons yet but I did read the book in 8th grade and it has left such a huge impact on my life so I really hope the series lives up to my expectations. I’m not usually analytical when it comes to tv or film, but this covers a super important topic that I don’t want to see discredited as just another Netflix fad.

I’m planning a more in depth post about my thoughts before, during, and after watching it, so stay tuned!

IG: @chorkybolton
YT: meltqueso

March 2017 Favorites

Hello friends! Since I am terrible at making videos on schedule, I decided I’d rather do a monthly favorites post on this blog. Here it goes!

Drake Bell in Disney Land
Krist Yu in Japan (pt. 2)
Exploring w/ Josh (not) Abandoned Hotel
Markiplier “I Am Lost”

TED Talks:
Luke Fox (This is one of my all time favorites)

Conan Gray’s JP Stationary Haul

Markiplier plays The Pedestrian

Bridgit Mendler- Temperamental Love
Miami Slice- Without You
Flash/Supergirl Crossover- Put a Little Love in Your Heart
Siren’s Lament OST- Unspoken

Orange (Anime)
Supergirl (TV Show)

I’ve been reading a lot of my childhood chapter books (library tour coming soon!) because I donated about half of my library and had time to reminisce 😊 Some series: Amazing Days of Abby Hayes, The Missing Series, Wishbone Classics, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid (#notmyrodrick)

I hope to continue this type of monthly favorites post from now on, so give a like if you found anything on my list interesting or helpful! Later my friends!

A wise friend once told me, “just because there’s a goalie, doesn’t mean you can’t score” and OH BOY how true and relevant that is rn #nightyall

Little acts of kindness can mend the most damaged hearts 💖

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