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A Plan

After finding a lot of motivation from YT, I started making my own list of resolutions goals to guide me through 2017. There are 3 main things I want to work towards this upcoming year, and here are my plans to attain those goals:

Be More Informed.

  • Watch a TED Talk everyday
  • Visit the bookstore every other month
  • Keep a journal/folder of things you learned
  • Listen when other people are talking
  • Write down things you observe
  • Make the time to study what you need to study

Be Healthier.

  • Order water
  • Actually make the conscious decision of what you put on your plate
  • Walk to relieve stress (instead of eating away your sadness, only to become more stressed)
  • Practice better sleeping habits
  • Stay on top of that skin care routine
  • Check up on your mental and emotional health too

Be Purposeful. 

  • Set aside one day each month to organize and de-clutter
  • Clean up your social medias smh
  • Post when you say you’re gonna post
  • Do your monthly DIYs
  • Be a friend to everyone that needs one
  • Practice better speaking skills
  • Life’s what you make it
  • so let’s make it rock


I’ll see you all in the next year!

2008Can you believe it? This coming March will mark NINE years since this project was first dreamt of. Our original concept went through multiple phases over the last few years, and today we find ourselves back where we started.

We now have so many different perspectives and stories, and are looking forward to sharing them with you! Don’t worry. We’re still learning and we still love pie. 💖🍰

Hello Peepholes!

Come and watch Jen & Mel [webshow] on March 28, 2008!

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