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There are never enough times we’re told things out of love.


Just a heads up: I hope to post a video in the near future to talk about how I’m staying productive this summer, which you can find on my youtube channel, meltqueso 😊

Now, I say “Write!” because it’s one of the best things to do when you feel strong emotions like overwhelming sadness or anger. I say this because not only does it prepare you to talk these things out later, but it’s far better than the alternative of doing things you’ll regret later.

On a small scale, my sister has broken a few tablet charogers out of anger and as silly as it feels to her now, the damage that resulted from that action is permanent. The feeling was not.

One thing I highly recommend is getting a notebook, it can be plain and small or decorative or WHAT EVER and use that specific notebook to write and negative thoughts you have. Be honest with yourself and take the time to let it all out. Nobody has to read it.

When you’re finished, I would try to still find something positive that could come from what you wrote, we ther it’s something you want to work to change or a personal growth milestone. Anything, just as long as you feel better afterwards.

And remember, you can always use codenames or shred the journal or turn it into the plot for the movie based on your autobiography (😂). Just keep in mind, this pain you feel is temporary, and you are in control of your actions.

Stay good, my friends!

IG: @chorkybolton
YT: meltqueso

Thank you for your love and support 🌼

Don’t forget to thank those special people every once in a while. It could really make their day!

Stress Colds.

I think that’s what I’ve been experiencing since February. (I wish I was joking).

One of my goals for this year was to obviously make healthier decisions, and while I’m usually good at sticking to the small differences, I kept putting off my mental or emotional health as a priority. DO NOT DO THIS. It’s so important to check all aspects of your health regularly. You can do this by making a personal checklist of what you feel is important to see in yourself or writing in a journal (my personal favorite). The possibilities are endless!

I hope you find a way you can always take care of yourself because even though there are amazingly supportive arena helpful people out there, it’s you who has control over the decisions you make and the attitude you chose to posses. As always, I believe in you!

IG: @chorkybolton
YT: meltqueso

A wise friend once told me, “just because there’s a goalie, doesn’t mean you can’t score” and OH BOY how true and relevant that is rn #nightyall

Little acts of kindness can mend the most damaged hearts 💖

Every bit of emotion I let out is a step towards clarity. Don’t keep your feelings locked in! Of course, you need to let them out at the right time, so make that time for yourself. You’re worth it.

I can’t wait to get back into writing for my videos whoch you can check out in my yt channel, meltqueso. I have a throwback compilation vlog I’ve been working on and a short “cheesecreation” in the works!

You may feel like you can self destruct at any moment, but you also have the power to build yourself to be stronger.

“If you never open up, you never heal” so I hope you find the courage you thought you lost and set yourself free 🌼🌻

abound in love

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