#praisintheasian | some thoughts

Hello world! Did you know that I’m Asian? Of course you did. Now tell me, what gave it away?
My 4.3 GPA?
My hobby of piano playing since I was 6?
No, no, wait. It was the rice cooker.
Because it definitely wasn’t the brownness of my acne prone skin.
Or the unsilkiness of my hair.
Or even the number I see when I step on the scale.

This month, I’ve been really happy to see so many of my Asian sisters feeling confident about their ETHNICITY.
Let me spell that for you: E T H N I C I T Y.
Because the only thing that should prompt you to say “She is Asian!” is the fact that my my mom’s side came from Asia, or my dad’s side came from Asia.

And while, again, it is great to see my Asian sisters loving themselves, I know there are more of you out there that deserve to love who you are.
Not all of us have fair, porcelain skin or nice eyebrows or small eyes.
Not all of us are cute and short and doll like models and have the world bowing down to us because of their perception of of beauty and brains.
Not all of us are talented with classical instruments and will find world peace while having a flawless “AZN INVAZN” squad that gets boba on the weekends.
And if you do have any of those, you’re still beautiful as you are and keep dominating the world.
But for the ones that don’t, if your blood tells you that you are an Asian, YOU ARE AN ASIAN.
Of course this wouldn’t be a call to action if I didn’t mention the media. So here it goes: MEDIA has painted an impossible picture of what ALL OF US SHOULD LOOK LIKE. I have been made to think my Filipino collection of the Asian brand didn’t belong, and that I wasn’t a true Asian because our only part in films and TV was to be the smart sidekick that probably wore glasses but still looked “hot.” My brown complexion was no where to be seen. My struggles of having Asian blood while being born and raised in the good ol’ USA were nonexistient (until Lemonade Mouth THANK GOODNESS). My frustration of telling the school system “No, I get good grades because I have supportive family members that encourage me to study more. I do not get good grades because my parents are Asian and therefore are strict and therefore will kill me if I didn’t get a 110 out of 100 on a tiny quiz AND memorized Beethoven’s 5th on the piano, violin, and flute by tonight.”
To the girls that fit the widely accepted physical descriptions and mannerisms of Asian, do not think I’m telling you to stop having pride in who you are. Even without Hollywood, you are still beautiful.
Even WITH Hollywood, my underrepresented Asian sisters, you are beautiful. Post the selfie. Hashtag it #praisintheasian. And destroy that need to let others decide your identity based on ignorance. It’s your turn to decide who you are and who you want to be.

//I hope you guys enjoyed this and gained a new perspective on what it’s actually like being an Asian (we’re not all the same!)I’m glad to be back with a lot of writings to share. Thank you guys for supporting my blog and my YT channel! Lots of love!

IG: @chorkybolton
YT: meltqueso


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