Yay! Second favorites post! April flew by so quickly, by the time I get to May favorites, I’m already graduating (oh boy). Without further ado, here’s my favorite things for the month of April!

Dead Mall Series by Dan Bell
Jenn Goes To Indonesia (clothesncounters)

TED Talks:
Caroline Paul
Laurence Lewars

Giant Blindfolded Slime Challenge (andreaxandrea)
how to make a zine (Jordan Clark)

Bridgit Mendler- Atlantis
Dodie Clark – Intertwined
Bruno Mars- That’s What I Like
Paramore- Hard Times

Your Lie in April (anime, also I just realized the title and the month and lol)
Andi Mack (Disney)

April consisted of studying for AP exams and some DIY projects in between *shrugs* I need sleep

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