March 2017 Favorites

Hello friends! Since I am terrible at making videos on schedule, I decided I’d rather do a monthly favorites post on this blog. Here it goes!

Drake Bell in Disney Land
Krist Yu in Japan (pt. 2)
Exploring w/ Josh (not) Abandoned Hotel
Markiplier “I Am Lost”

TED Talks:
Luke Fox (This is one of my all time favorites)

Conan Gray’s JP Stationary Haul

Markiplier plays The Pedestrian

Bridgit Mendler- Temperamental Love
Miami Slice- Without You
Flash/Supergirl Crossover- Put a Little Love in Your Heart
Siren’s Lament OST- Unspoken

Orange (Anime)
Supergirl (TV Show)

I’ve been reading a lot of my childhood chapter books (library tour coming soon!) because I donated about half of my library and had time to reminisce 😊 Some series: Amazing Days of Abby Hayes, The Missing Series, Wishbone Classics, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid (#notmyrodrick)

I hope to continue this type of monthly favorites post from now on, so give a like if you found anything on my list interesting or helpful! Later my friends!


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