A Plan

After finding a lot of motivation from YT, I started making my own list of resolutions goals to guide me through 2017. There are 3 main things I want to work towards this upcoming year, and here are my plans to attain those goals:

Be More Informed.

  • Watch a TED Talk everyday
  • Visit the bookstore every other month
  • Keep a journal/folder of things you learned
  • Listen when other people are talking
  • Write down things you observe
  • Make the time to study what you need to study

Be Healthier.

  • Order water
  • Actually make the conscious decision of what you put on your plate
  • Walk to relieve stress (instead of eating away your sadness, only to become more stressed)
  • Practice better sleeping habits
  • Stay on top of that skin care routine
  • Check up on your mental and emotional health too

Be Purposeful. 

  • Set aside one day each month to organize and de-clutter
  • Clean up your social medias smh
  • Post when you say you’re gonna post
  • Do your monthly DIYs
  • Be a friend to everyone that needs one
  • Practice better speaking skills
  • Life’s what you make it
  • so let’s make it rock

I’ll see you all in the next year!


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