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#praisintheasian | some thoughts

Hello world! Did you know that I’m Asian? Of course you did. Now tell me, what gave it away?
My 4.3 GPA?
My hobby of piano playing since I was 6?
No, no, wait. It was the rice cooker.
Because it definitely wasn’t the brownness of my acne prone skin.
Or the unsilkiness of my hair.
Or even the number I see when I step on the scale.

This month, I’ve been really happy to see so many of my Asian sisters feeling confident about their ETHNICITY.
Let me spell that for you: E T H N I C I T Y.
Because the only thing that should prompt you to say “She is Asian!” is the fact that my my mom’s side came from Asia, or my dad’s side came from Asia.

And while, again, it is great to see my Asian sisters loving themselves, I know there are more of you out there that deserve to love who you are.
Not all of us have fair, porcelain skin or nice eyebrows or small eyes.
Not all of us are cute and short and doll like models and have the world bowing down to us because of their perception of of beauty and brains.
Not all of us are talented with classical instruments and will find world peace while having a flawless “AZN INVAZN” squad that gets boba on the weekends.
And if you do have any of those, you’re still beautiful as you are and keep dominating the world.
But for the ones that don’t, if your blood tells you that you are an Asian, YOU ARE AN ASIAN.
Of course this wouldn’t be a call to action if I didn’t mention the media. So here it goes: MEDIA has painted an impossible picture of what ALL OF US SHOULD LOOK LIKE. I have been made to think my Filipino collection of the Asian brand didn’t belong, and that I wasn’t a true Asian because our only part in films and TV was to be the smart sidekick that probably wore glasses but still looked “hot.” My brown complexion was no where to be seen. My struggles of having Asian blood while being born and raised in the good ol’ USA were nonexistient (until Lemonade Mouth THANK GOODNESS). My frustration of telling the school system “No, I get good grades because I have supportive family members that encourage me to study more. I do not get good grades because my parents are Asian and therefore are strict and therefore will kill me if I didn’t get a 110 out of 100 on a tiny quiz AND memorized Beethoven’s 5th on the piano, violin, and flute by tonight.”
To the girls that fit the widely accepted physical descriptions and mannerisms of Asian, do not think I’m telling you to stop having pride in who you are. Even without Hollywood, you are still beautiful.
Even WITH Hollywood, my underrepresented Asian sisters, you are beautiful. Post the selfie. Hashtag it #praisintheasian. And destroy that need to let others decide your identity based on ignorance. It’s your turn to decide who you are and who you want to be.

//I hope you guys enjoyed this and gained a new perspective on what it’s actually like being an Asian (we’re not all the same!)I’m glad to be back with a lot of writings to share. Thank you guys for supporting my blog and my YT channel! Lots of love!

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June 2017 Favorites

better late than never

Princessmei’s Tokyo vlogs
Art Studio Room Tours
VLOG CAR IS BACK! grav3yardgirl
Ice Cream Museum
Conan Gray & CatCreature’s vlogs together!

Lisa Chen
Hi I’m Mimi

TED Talks:
Amy Green

Emily is Away Too – Markiplier

Hard Times Cover- TeraBrite
Using You- Mars Argo
Stone Cold- Demi Lovato

Hidden Figures
Gaston, but every Gaston is croissant

Bath and Body Works Rosé Champagne
Marc Jacobs Daisy

Slime Making

June flew by so fast and I’ve had moments where everything was happening, and then nothing. It’s weird that it’s already July and I feel like I’ve done nothing?? This will be my shortest summer break (as a student) and I think I’ve hit a wall. Maybe it’s this looming sickness idk

Hope yall are having a good day.

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Write! pt. 2

I recently fell into a state of self-conscious despair as I continually compared myself to so many other girls in terms of appearance and acomplishments. I equated my self worth to the number of likes I got on an IG post because I knew I wouldn’t meet a high amount and I would have an excuse to feel sorry for myself.
And to an extent, I think we all default to this at points in our lives. I wanted to stop myself from these thoughts in the future, so I wrote a letter to myself.
I have been writing letters to different future selves for when I get engaged or when my first child graduates from high school as part of my effort to take care of myself. Last night, however, I thought about writing to myself going through bad times, and I think it could really help.
These kind of “letters from the past” don’t have to be opened during milestones, but moments of weakness: when you’re in a creative slump, you can’t find beauty in yourself, you lose a loved one, etc.
Included in my particular letter that sparked this blog post, I put a list of things that would help me calm down when I did read my letter. A few of them included:
• writing/drawing/creating something just to clear my mind of negativity
• listening to music (I included a playlist to listen to)
• putting on makeup or an outfit that embodies the person you want to be (Of course, you can do this alone if it’s judgement you fear. I thought this would be a good idea to help get a sense of the things I actually wanted to see within myself.)
• Learn something new by going on youtube or a favorite blog.
• Go on tumblr or pinterest and find your favorite things. Try to avoid IG or twitter, as the could make you feel less of yourself again.
• talking to a close sibling or friend. I did this with a really close friend last night at 12 am and although there was a part that she disagreed on, I didn’t feel angry like I would’ve been a few moths ago. In fact, my friend, if you’re reading this, I would love to hear your ideas on how you would better word what I stated 💖
• Drink water, take a hot shower, treat yourself to a night in.
It’s really up to you on what you could do to make you feel happy. What matters is that you feel better when you finish writing, and you feel better in the future when you finish reading.
I hope you all know that your self worth should be determined by other’s perceptions of you. You are capable of amazing things and I hope everything works out for you!

🔆be radiant🔆

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Just a heads up: I hope to post a video in the near future to talk about how I’m staying productive this summer, which you can find on my youtube channel, meltqueso 😊

Now, I say “Write!” because it’s one of the best things to do when you feel strong emotions like overwhelming sadness or anger. I say this because not only does it prepare you to talk these things out later, but it’s far better than the alternative of doing things you’ll regret later.

On a small scale, my sister has broken a few tablet charogers out of anger and as silly as it feels to her now, the damage that resulted from that action is permanent. The feeling was not.

One thing I highly recommend is getting a notebook, it can be plain and small or decorative or WHAT EVER and use that specific notebook to write and negative thoughts you have. Be honest with yourself and take the time to let it all out. Nobody has to read it.

When you’re finished, I would try to still find something positive that could come from what you wrote, we ther it’s something you want to work to change or a personal growth milestone. Anything, just as long as you feel better afterwards.

And remember, you can always use codenames or shred the journal or turn it into the plot for the movie based on your autobiography (😂). Just keep in mind, this pain you feel is temporary, and you are in control of your actions.

Stay good, my friends!

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Your Turn! | Soulmates

I was having a late night conversation with a close friend about guys we know and I ended up creating a summary of what I hope for in the future. Now, I just got out of high school, I’ve been single my whole life, and I don’t plan on dating anybody until I’ve got myself all figured out.
The thing is, all the guys I knew and grew up with, yeah they’re good people, but they’re just all the same (literally saw a bunch of them together today and they all had thr same haircut and outfit). More specifically, they like the same type of girls: athletic bodies, nice eyebrows, full lips, tumblr and IG baddies. !!! There is nothing wrong with those girls!!! I actually rlly admire their sense of aesthetic and ability to slay the makeup game!!! I just can’t find myself wanting to fit into that style because I know I’m an actual nerd, and I’m proud of who I am.
I try to keep my description of a soulmate broad, yet specific to me, if that makes sense. No, I’m not going to go all “I’m not like other girls because checklists are superficial” because in essence, this is a checklist and I don’t care if I’m like or not like “other girls.” Girls rule.
But anyway, here’s my checklist:
▫ nice, intelligent homie
▫ similar values on life, family, the big things
▫ cool with my friends
▫ can teach me new things about the world or life or their interests
▫is also willing to learn from me and others
▫will support me in my decisions
▫wants to make the world even just a little better
and as a bonus:
▫will marathon Star Wars or Avatar The Last Airbender with me 😂

Of course, I’m still young and I have no idea how to relationship in the 21st century, so for now, a nice homie that can support me even as just friends is great lol

So, what qualities do you look for in a person and what advice would you give to a teen that might just want some older sibling relationship advice? Comment down below and please stay respectful!

Thank you all and I hope to get back on with some book reviews!

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Epilogue to a Graduation Speech (Final Draft)

So this is the part where I must talk about the place I called home for the past year even though I should’ve called it home for four. Salem High School is truly a special place that I’ve been so fortunate to be a part of. We are a community of individuals, and individuals about community.

I look at the Class of 2017 and I see not just America, but the world. In the ocean of identities, it wasn’t hard to find yours. Even if who you are constantly changed, somebody was willing to accept you.

This was the place where I’ve been given the world, shown in the talents that our artists and athletes and absolute academic geniuses possess. This is the place where your true self was loved and important. It was here where, “I want change, not money” means something, where a guy can wear heels and another never wears shoes and they can be friends.

This was where the hair colors of your peers created a magnificent rainbow.

Where your old school, flip-phone carrying teacher dabs in class.

Where your Spanish 1 substitute waves plastic bananas in your face for pronouncing the “h” in “hablar.”

Where you found those friends that you’ll terribly miss after they graduate and you’re stuck here for another year or two.

We come from a really special place, so underclassmen that might be here tonight, complain all you want but remember that we’re honestly so spoiled at Salem. Class of 2017, I implore you, take the things you received here, the good, the bad, and the tear-filled ugly, and use those experiences to make the best possible version of yourself. Leave this room, this city, this world better than you found it.

And before I leave, I want to say thank you. Thank you to the teachers and family and friends that supported us, even when we didn’t deserve it. Thank you for being our role models and a light to guide us when the power goes out and we’re stuck in a windowless classroom.

Thank you to the students for being patient, insightful, ambitious, radiant, courageous, bold, talented, hilarious, beautiful, generous, motivated, relatable. Thank you for being alive.

Thank you all for believing in us and helping us do amazing things in this world.

With that said, stay hydrated, stay wholesome, and I’ll see you, my friends, later.

an open letter to the vocal strand

I know you’ve heard this plenty of times, but one more shouldn’t hurt.

We made it. Four years of hard work and we made it. I know I won’t get to sign all your yearbooks, so I want to take this time to congratulate you all and show my appreciation. Here it goes:

Dear friends who were once on stage with us,
Some of you stayed for one year, some of you stayed for all four and graduated. Regardless, thank you for spending time with us. I hope you were able to move on to better things and that everything is working out for you.

Dear Maraiah, Tyler, and Tyree,
You weren’t with us freshmen year, but it was a pleasure to perform alongside of you guys. Your voices are so important to our choir and I hope we were as amazing as your primary art strands.

Dear friends that have stuck it out since ACE,
Your talent and love for what you do is amazing. The kids you will inspire are going to be very lucky.
I’m so glad I got to experience the academy with you, from music comp to class piano, and senior production. Keep spreading our love for cool music.
I know how much you’ve wanted to leave high school, and now is your chance! Congrats and good luck!
You’re the first person I saw when I first walked into the school for my audition. Stay sassy and true to you!
I’ll be honest, I envied your One Direction merch in freshman year (I still kinda do lol). I’m so glad we started talking this year, you’re so cool!
When you called me funny in sixth grade, I almost cried because that was the nicest thing anybody had said to me since middle school started. You’re an absolute joy to be around and it’s great to know you’ll stand up for our friends.
YOU ARE GOING TO GO PLACES IN LIFE and I’m so proud of you! Keep that head up, you have all of us by your side.
You’re actual sunshine on a cloudy day. It’s great knowing your beauty isn’t just on the outside.
You were the first person to actually talk to me when I walked into ACE on that first day of school. I will admit that I was the one who came up with “Most Likely to be All 3 Powerpuff Girls at Once” and I hope you found it amusing (after confusing lol).
You’re smart and super talented at piano, but those are not the only things that define you. You’re also a really sweet friend and I hope you go really far in life.
You and me vs. the rain, all the way. I’m going to miss you so much.
I’m still working on that letter, don’t worry! You represented us very well throughout this year and I loved working with you in all our different classes. Stay sweet!
Everything I hear you say is funny and almost charming lol. You’re probably going to start some viral trend before me, but I’m okay this that. Hope you reach success!
Please don’t forget us when your name is in lights. I truly hope and feel that you’re going to go far. Shine on!

Dear Dr. K,
Thank you for all that you taught us these past four years. Not only did you care for us as students, but as your own children. I wish you the best in everything and know that your influence will span over decades and generations of music students.

and last but not least,

Dear future Vocal Strand Graduates,
Go above and beyond. All the drama, leave it at the door. You have great mentors and peers to guide you. The vocal strand has had its moments of grief, disappointment, anger, but don’t let those drag you down. Don’t let anything drag you down. Not everybody will pursue music in the future, but like Abraham Lincoln supposedly said,

“Whatever you are, be a good one.”

I wish you all a great life.

Thank you.

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May 2017 Favorites

Third month of favorites! I definitely had to keep myself occupied with youtube and music. School has been crazy! Not that June is upon us, I’m probably going to include more physical items or places in these favorites posts.

Who Am I? – Markiplier
What makes you so special? – Tessa Violet
Dyeing Short Hair – soothingsista

Mayim Bialik
Meziee B

TED Talks:
Ericka Alston
Lizzie Velasquez
Billy Ward

Little Nightmares – Markiplier
Hello Neighbor Alpha – 8-bit Ninja

Radio – Conan Gray cover
Computer Boy – That Poppy
Computer Boy’s Play Date – That Poppy/Melanie Martinez Mashup
Malibu – Miley Cyrus
What I’ve Been Looking For – Ashley Tisdale ft. Lucas Grabeel

The Girl Without a Phone – A Cinderella Story (short film)

The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever – Jeff Strand

What were your favorite things this month? Comment them down below! Also, comment any blog recommendations you might have for me or others interested! Have a great day friends!!

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The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever by Jeff Strand | Queso’s (Spoiler-Free) Book Review 📖

The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever is about 15 year old Justin, aspiring big-time film director. With his two friends, Bobby and Gabe, and a cast of peers, teachers, and neighbors, Justin is set on creating the greatest zombie movie ever (roll credits 😂). However, his crew lacks a lot of proper direction and focus, but what more could you expect?

I picked up this book after reading the summary on the back cover (which was very much appreciated) and decided a break from the typical teen romance was in order. I felt a tinge of nostalgia as I read, which made the character interactions a bit more comical. See, I also wanted to film a horror movie in my younger teen years, but I was stopped by lack of direction and focus, much like the characters.

The characters themselves were a bit unbearable with their antics, but hey, they’re 15. The writing was also nothing too groundbreaking, but it did a great job of setting the tone of the story. What is the tone? For the most part, it was pretty comical. Everything that could’ve gone wrong with their filming did, and this ultimately made for an interesting middle school-teen story centered around great and not-so-great moments in the filmmaking process.

Rate: ★★★★☆

Don’t forget to share some of your favorite summertime books below!

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What are/were your plans after high school?

In less than a month, I’m graduating high school and in these past few months, the thought was a little terrifying.

It wasn’t so much the amount of independence that was scary, but the expectations others placed on me. I’ll be graduating in the top 10 of the class out of 403 (thank you God) with a few college credits from AP and dual enrollment and plenty experiences from academic and service clubs and organizations. All throughout high school, people told me I could get into any college I wanted to, with my resume and the fact I was a female minority. They didn’t believe me when I said I wanted to go to the community college down the road or the common university in the city over.

I did apply to the more prestigious, in-state schools (again, thank you God) but I knew I wouldn’t go there. First, those schools still cost too much. Even with my grades, I was just meeting average of others who were accepted. I wouldn’t receive much in scholarships.

Second, with money aside, I don’t really care about prestige. As long as the school  has the programs I need and is safe, then I’m cool with it. A degree is a degree is a degree. That’s okay.

Lastly, it makes me sad to see people rule out the possibility of community college. It’s not reserved for “dumb” people. In fact, it’s super cost-efficient and people that chose to go to community college to save money are indeed smart!

I believe you don’t need titles to change the world. You can make huge differences in your life or somebody else’s no matter where you go or what you do. Congrats to the people that have actually made it to their dream schools, your hard work and dedication is not unnoticed! But also to the ones still finding their way, nobody truly knows that their plans will go through. It’s okay to not know! Just do what you love and love what you do 😊😊

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Thank you for your love and support 🌼

Don’t forget to thank those special people every once in a while. It could really make their day!

Stress Colds.

I think that’s what I’ve been experiencing since February. (I wish I was joking).

One of my goals for this year was to obviously make healthier decisions, and while I’m usually good at sticking to the small differences, I kept putting off my mental or emotional health as a priority. DO NOT DO THIS. It’s so important to check all aspects of your health regularly. You can do this by making a personal checklist of what you feel is important to see in yourself or writing in a journal (my personal favorite). The possibilities are endless!

I hope you find a way you can always take care of yourself because even though there are amazingly supportive arena helpful people out there, it’s you who has control over the decisions you make and the attitude you chose to posses. As always, I believe in you!

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Tonight the Streets Are Ours by Leila Sales | Queso’s (Spoiler-Free) Book Review 📖

In honor of summer break being just around the corner (or for some, lucky you, it’s already here) I’ll be posting some reviews of book that I have read that you might want to read when you’re relaxing during break!

REVIEW: Based on the back cover summary, Tonight the Streets Are Ours by Leila Sales appears to be no more than the typical ‘shy-girl-meets-cool-guy-and-her-life-changes-forever’ love story.

Do not let it fool you.

The “love story” this book promises is comically self-aware of its YA (young adult) novel cliches, while maintaining a believable situation for the characters to face. The main character, Arden, deals with real world events of living under a single parent and finding independence from her peers. While there is a romance aspect in Arden’s story, the book takes its time to focus on family relationships and friendships even more.

The lead is strengthened by her supporting characters, something that parallels our own lives, yet is majorly underrepresented in most modern coming-of-age novels. With that said, if you enjoy John Green for his strong focus on the two main characters, you may not enjoy this book as a romance. However, Tonight was a refreshing break from the usual character dynamics portrayed in most mainstream YA books.

Overall, this book takes the “norms” of YA novels and spins it into a more convincing adventure with a very pleasing ending.

April 2017 Favorites

Yay! Second favorites post! April flew by so quickly, by the time I get to May favorites, I’m already graduating (oh boy). Without further ado, here’s my favorite things for the month of April!

Dead Mall Series by Dan Bell
Jenn Goes To Indonesia (clothesncounters)

TED Talks:
Caroline Paul
Laurence Lewars

Giant Blindfolded Slime Challenge (andreaxandrea)
how to make a zine (Jordan Clark)

Bridgit Mendler- Atlantis
Dodie Clark – Intertwined
Bruno Mars- That’s What I Like
Paramore- Hard Times

Your Lie in April (anime, also I just realized the title and the month and lol)
Andi Mack (Disney)

April consisted of studying for AP exams and some DIY projects in between *shrugs* I need sleep

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What’s your favorite scary story or local urban legend?

One of my favorites comes from my family in Orlando, Florida. There’s a house on the corner near their church that was psychically investigated and the lady said there was somebody under the stairs.

It’s a one story house.

What I Actually Want to Do

I recently watched a TED Talk (link: Questions Every Teenager Needs to be Asked) where the speaker had asked his peers questions about what their plans for the future were and all of that deep self-reflecting stuff us teens absolutely cringe at the thought of. It got me thinking, what do I want to do in 10-15 years? Don’t worry, I still plan on building and improving schools throughout the world (insert self-promo here lol: I want to build schools) but in my childlike wonder, I wish to travel the world in a different way as well.

That’s right, my dream is to be on the Travel Channel.

I’ve lived in the same city my entire life and have only been outside the country to go to Canada. And yet, I’ve been graced with the privilege to meet people from all over the world during my summer volunteer work. I grew up watching people explore places outside of my familiar surroundings and it’s just so COOL.

During my scholarship seminars, I met students that wanted to travel to help bring peace and prosperity to other countries, which isn’t bad at all. ((If anything, I hope to do that with my schools.)) But I also just want to want tohatoravel travel for the history. Go to every tourist sport and back alley and local hot spots and urban exploration treasures. All while documenting my experiences to impart the things I learn to the kids like me that can only go so far physically.

There’s so much of the world to see and I intend to see as much as I can and share it with as many as I can.

In the comments below, tell me: What’s something amazing about where you live?

See you guys later!

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March 2017 Favorites

Hello friends! Since I am terrible at making videos on schedule, I decided I’d rather do a monthly favorites post on this blog. Here it goes!

Drake Bell in Disney Land
Krist Yu in Japan (pt. 2)
Exploring w/ Josh (not) Abandoned Hotel
Markiplier “I Am Lost”

TED Talks:
Luke Fox (This is one of my all time favorites)

Conan Gray’s JP Stationary Haul

Markiplier plays The Pedestrian

Bridgit Mendler- Temperamental Love
Miami Slice- Without You
Flash/Supergirl Crossover- Put a Little Love in Your Heart
Siren’s Lament OST- Unspoken

Orange (Anime)
Supergirl (TV Show)

I’ve been reading a lot of my childhood chapter books (library tour coming soon!) because I donated about half of my library and had time to reminisce 😊 Some series: Amazing Days of Abby Hayes, The Missing Series, Wishbone Classics, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid (#notmyrodrick)

I hope to continue this type of monthly favorites post from now on, so give a like if you found anything on my list interesting or helpful! Later my friends!

A wise friend once told me, “just because there’s a goalie, doesn’t mean you can’t score” and OH BOY how true and relevant that is rn #nightyall

Little acts of kindness can mend the most damaged hearts 💖

Every bit of emotion I let out is a step towards clarity. Don’t keep your feelings locked in! Of course, you need to let them out at the right time, so make that time for yourself. You’re worth it.

I can’t wait to get back into writing for my videos whoch you can check out in my yt channel, meltqueso. I have a throwback compilation vlog I’ve been working on and a short “cheesecreation” in the works!

You may feel like you can self destruct at any moment, but you also have the power to build yourself to be stronger.

“If you never open up, you never heal” so I hope you find the courage you thought you lost and set yourself free 🌼🌻

abound in love

Creativity doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. Happy New Year, friends! May 2017 be kinder and the most amazing year yet!

A Plan

After finding a lot of motivation from YT, I started making my own list of resolutions goals to guide me through 2017. There are 3 main things I want to work towards this upcoming year, and here are my plans to attain those goals:

Be More Informed.

  • Watch a TED Talk everyday
  • Visit the bookstore every other month
  • Keep a journal/folder of things you learned
  • Listen when other people are talking
  • Write down things you observe
  • Make the time to study what you need to study

Be Healthier.

  • Order water
  • Actually make the conscious decision of what you put on your plate
  • Walk to relieve stress (instead of eating away your sadness, only to become more stressed)
  • Practice better sleeping habits
  • Stay on top of that skin care routine
  • Check up on your mental and emotional health too

Be Purposeful. 

  • Set aside one day each month to organize and de-clutter
  • Clean up your social medias smh
  • Post when you say you’re gonna post
  • Do your monthly DIYs
  • Be a friend to everyone that needs one
  • Practice better speaking skills
  • Life’s what you make it
  • so let’s make it rock


I’ll see you all in the next year!

A Toast to You

Accept where you come from and embrace who you are now.

Start with what’s simple and good.

Discover the light inside your life.

Take a moment to be a friend.

Laugh everyday.

Be iconic, confident, beautiful, happy, spontaneous, bright, and sensational.

You are worthy of love.

You are truly important.

2008Can you believe it? This coming March will mark NINE years since this project was first dreamt of. Our original concept went through multiple phases over the last few years, and today we find ourselves back where we started.

We now have so many different perspectives and stories, and are looking forward to sharing them with you! Don’t worry. We’re still learning and we still love pie. 💖🍰

Hello Peepholes!

Come and watch Jen & Mel [webshow] on March 28, 2008!

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